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  • Currently: Co-Founder and Specialist in Communications for Social Impact  at RUBICA (Colombia)
  • Travel Blogger at Break Dengue (India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Brazil)
  • Web 2.0 Account Manager at ZN (Belgium)
  • TEDxBrussels staff -social media, photographer- (Belgium)
  • Communications Officer at Inclusion Europe (Belgium)
  • Global Director of Communications at AIESEC International (The Netherlands)
  • Project Leader Social Entrepreneurship at AIESEC in Ibero America (Brazil)
  • National Director of Talent Management at AIESEC in Colombia (Colombia)
  • Intern of Community Development and Projects at Agência Livre para Informação, Cidadania e Educação (Brazil)
  • Communications Director at Fundación Líderes en la U (Colombia)
  • Internet news editor at Noticias RCN (Colombia)

RUBICA – Co-Founder, Specialist in Communications for Social Impact 
Bogotá, Colombia 07/2009- Present

RUBICA is a network of professionals in the areas of technology, marketing, communications and Internet to support companies and organisations in Colombia to access effectively to the online tools and virtual channels they need to reach extraordinary results and impact. [www.rubica.net]

  • To support in the creation of digital strategies and delivery of online campaigns to important clients in Colombia.
  • To participate in the decision making and management of the company.

Break Dengue- Travel Blogger
India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Brazil 12/2013- 06/2014

Independent travel blogger and communications expert, Alejandra Laiton comes from Bogotá, Colombia. She earned her degree in Social Communication & Journalism from Javeriana University. She is currently working on her master’s degree in Science of Cultures and Development Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Alejandra is being supported by Break Dengue and is focusing on local dengue initiatives in Southeast Asia and Latinamerica. She will be sharing her discoveries and research for her masters thesis with us. [http://www.breakdengue.org/break-dengue-travel-blogger/]

  • To find and write stories on dengue fever in seven countries and report them on the platform’s blog.
  • To participate in TEDxGateway in Mumbai, India.
  • To support the PR and Media activities of the platform in the countries (Live interview in BBC Asia, Singapore)
  • To support the Red Card to Dengue Campaign during the World Cup Cup 2014 in Brazil with photos and videos.

ZN – Web 2.0 Account Manager
Brussels, Belgium 01/2011- Present

ZN is the eCommunications agency for global organisations, helping motivated individuals adapt their communications to the Internet age to ensure optimal reach and impact. For more than 10 years, ZN has been innovating and inspiring clients by applying cutting-edge thinking. [www.zn.be]

  • To manage client satisfaction, driving social media initiative to expand the visibility of our clients and ensuring the overall success of project deliverables to important clients.

TEDxBrussels – Social Media, Photography
Brussels, Belgium 2010- Present

TEDx Brussels seeks to develop and leverage the TED experience at a local level, bringing together innovators and inspirational speakers of the world in the capital of Europe, Brussels. This event features several classic TED talks and select speakers with refreshments and conversation between. [www.tedxbrussels.eu]

Inclusion Europe – Communications Officer
Brussels, Belgium 10/2009- 12/2010

The European Association of Societies of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families Inclusion Europe is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for the rights and interests of people with intellectual disabilities and their families throughout Europe. [www.inclusion-europe.org]

  • To develop and implement Inclusion Europe’s communication and information strategy at European level.
  • To develop the online networking tools necessary for better engagement and coordination of Inclusion Europe’s networks of volunteers and experts.
  • To establish and extend Inclusion Europe’s presence online e.g. in social networking sites
    (e.g. Facebook)
  • To liaise with the media, write press releases and articles, arrange press conferences and develop a high media profile for Inclusion Europe.
  • With other members of the Secretariat , to create, edit and manage Inclusion Europe’s communications, including mailing lists, newsletters, specific publications, display stands, posters, leaflets, presentations, etc.
  • Contribute to ensuring that Inclusion Europe’s communications (online and publications) and events are accessible for persons with intellectual disabilities.

AIESEC International – Global Director of Communication
Rotterdam, The Netherlands 07/2008 – 06/2009

Present in 107 countries, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth leadership development organization. AIESEC runs a unique leadership development program for its 40,000 student members, which includes over 8,000 leadership opportunities and 7,500 international internships annually. All assignments are one year long.[www.aiesec.org]

  • Designed & implemented communication strategy (38’000 members in 107 countries) based on a global student market research with 7’000 young talents in 38 countries.
  • Increased online traffic by over 70% by applying social media best case practices in 107 countries and renovated the global website.
  • Created & published Global AIESEC Annual Report to showcase success of the organization and increase brand awareness; addressed to partners, members, and alumni
  • Significantly contributed to organizational growth of 40%; equals record-growth in 15 years.

AIESEC Ibero America – Project Leader Social Entrepreneurship
Sao Paulo, Brazil 07/2007 -06/2008

  • Implemented a regional Internship program for young Latin American professionals, through virtual and physical operations in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica.
  • Managed & reported the delivery of the budget (over 80,000EUR) for the program.
  • Designed and implemented communication resources for the program (regional newsletters, online wikis and promotional videos).

AIESEC in Colombia – National Director of Talent Management
Bogota, Colombia 07/2006 – 06/2007

  • Lead the formulation, implementation, evaluation, control and improvement of the national initiatives of talent management based in competency development.
  • Increased the number of members affiliated in the organization (1,000) by adjusting human resources processes, in the 13 local offices, such as: promotion, selection and allocation.
  • Awarded globally by ING bank for best practices on talent management and by UBS bank for achievement and excellent performance during the year.

Agência Livre para Informação, Cidadania e Educação Intern Community Development and Projects
Porto Alegre, Brazil 02/2006 – 07/2006

The “Open agency for Information, Citizenship and Education” is a non-governmental organization in Porto Alegre, Brazil, that works to
develop communication projects focused on the social area.[www.alice.org.br]

  • Created and published two-trimester local community newspapers “Journal Boca da Rua” made with support of the homeless of the city of Porto Alegre.
  • Organized 2 workshops-debates “Saideira” on Communication and Media addressed to the local students of Journalism.

Fundación Líderes en la U – Communications Manager
Bogota, Colombia 05/2005 – 12/2005

The “Foundation Leaders at the University” is a non-profit organization based in Colombia that promoves the leadership and civil participation of young people in the country by providing conferences, awards, and networking services to student associations in the country.

  • Planned and executed the communication plans of the Foundation and its partners.
  • Created and published a bi-monthly publication of 45 pages “Lider U” with distribution to over 15,000 people along with a national magazine “Semana”

Noticias RCN – Internet news editor
Bogota, Colombia 10/2004 – 03/2005

  • Updated the different sections of the news website at minute basis. [www.canalrcn.com]
  • Produced and published special reports on national and international topics



  • Actualmente: Co-fundadora y especialista en Comunicaciones con impacto social en RUBICA (Colombia)
  • Bloguera de Viajes para BreakDengue.org (India, Tailandia, Camboya, Vietnam, Filipinas, Singapúr, Brasil)
  • Ejecutiva de Cuenta en Web 2.0 en ZN (Bélgica)
  • Equipo organizador (Social Media, fotografía) TEDx Bruselas (Bélgica)
  • Directora de Comunicaciones en Inclusión Europa (Bélgica)
  • Directora Global de Comunicaciones en AIESEC Internacional (Holanda)
  • Coordinadora de Proyectos en Emprendimiento Social en AIESEC Ibero America (Brasil)
  • Directora Nacional de Recursos Humanos en AIESEC Colombia (Colombia)
  • Practicante en Proyectos de Desarrollo Comunitatios en la Agência Livre para Informação, Cidadania e Educação (Brasil)
  • Coordinadora de Comunicaciones en Fundación Líderes en la U (Colombia)
  • Editora online en Noticias RCN (Colombia)

RUBICA – co-Fundadora y especialista en Comunicaciones con impacto social  [www.rubica.net]
Bogotá, Colombia  07/2009 – Presente

Rubica es una empresa colombiana que apoya organizaciones e individuos a usar al máximo las ventajas de la conexión y la colaboración en la era digital, mediante el uso de redes sociales en Internet y medios virtuales en Latinoamerica.
Encargada de asesorar la creación e implementación de estrategias usando medios virtuales.

Break Dengue- Bloguera de viaje  [www.breakdengue.org]
India, Tailandia, Camboya, Vietnam, Filipinas, Singapúr, Brasil 12/2014 – 06/2014

  • Investigar, escribir y publicar historias sobre la fiebre del dengue en siete países del Súdeste Asiático y Brasil para publicar en el blog de la plataforma. http://www.breakdengue.org/break-dengue-travel-blogger/
  • Participar en TEDxGateway in Mumbai, India.
  • Apoyar los esfuerzos en Relaciones Públicas y aparición en medios de comunicación (Entrevista en vivo para BBC Asia, Singapúr)
  • Apoyar la implementación de la campaña de la tarjeta roja al dengue durante la Copa Mundo 2014 en Brasil con fotos y videos.

ZN – Ejecutiva de cuenta en Web 2.0 [www.zn.be]
Bruselas, Bélgica 01/2011 – Presente

  • Responsable del manejo de la cuenta con Microsoft Europe en la iniciativa de comunicaciones online y social media
  • Asegurar el éxito de los entregables del proyecto, incluyendo indicadores de gestión y presupuesto.
  • Coordinar proveedores, diseñadores, consultores y free-lancers requeridos en el proyecto.

TEDxBrussels – Social Media, Fotografa
Bruselas, Bélgica 2010- Presente

Los eventos TEDx Brusselas buscan entregar la experiencia TED a nivel local, reuniendo en la capital europea a importantes pensadores, emprendedores e inspiradores conferencistas.   [www.tedxbrussels.eu]

  • Equipo organizador en comunicaciones y cubrimiento en redes sociales, fotográfa oficial del evento [www.flickr.com/tedxbrussels]

Inclusion Europe, Directora de Comunicaciones [www.inclusion-europe.org]
Bruselas, Bélgica    10/2009 – 12/2010

  • Desarrollar e implementar la estrategia de información y comunicaciones a nivel europeo de la asociación.
  • Responsable del mantenimiento de los canales de distribución de información, incluyendo sitio web, listas de correo, boletines de prensa, publicaciones, stands promocionales, presentaciones, etc.
  • Responsable de las comunicaciones online del Congreso Mundial de Inclusión para personas con discapacidades en Berlín, Alemania 2010.

AIESEC International, Directora global de Comunicaciones [www.aiesec.org]
Rotterdam, Holanda    07/2008 – 06/2009

  • Diseñar e implementar la estrategia global de comunicaciones de la organización y la coordinación de una investigación de mercado estudiantil con 7,000 estudiantes en 38 países.
  • Responsable del aumento del tráfico online de la organización en un 70%, a través de la aplicación de los mejores casos de estudio en nuevas tecnologías en 107 paises y la renovación de todas las páginas web de la organización a nivel global.
  • Organización y facilitación de conferencias internacionales en Holanda, Egipto, Italia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Turquia, España, México y República de Macedonia.

AIESEC Iberoamerica, Coordinadora de Proyectos en Emprendimiento Social
Sao Paulo, Brasil    07/2007 – 06/2008

  • Coordinar la implementación del programa regional de intercambios en emprendimiento social de AIESEC, a través de coordinación fisica y virtual en 9 países en Latinoamerica (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay Brasil, México y Costa Rica)
  • Responsable del manejo del presupuesto del programa, mayor a 50,0000 USD al año, asegurando la renovación y aumento del apoyo financiero por parte del patrocinador.
  • Facilitar la implementación de 12 proyectos en Emprendimiento Social en América Latina, que generó 82 intercambios de estudiantes latinoamericanos en ONGs de alto impacto en la región, por un año.