On the road again! – Now as a “travel blogger” at BreakDengue.org

IImage have started a new travel adventure but this time with a mission: I am doing field exploration in 6 countries in Southeast Asia, looking for local actors (organizations, individuals, initiatives, or campaigns) that are using web 2.0 to promote their social causes. This analysis on “online activism and development” is part of my thesis project to complete my Master Degree in Science of Cultures and Development Studies at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

I narrowed my research to local initiatives on dengue fever. Because dengue is becoming a very relevant and urgent topic in the public health agenda, I thought I would have more chances of finding interesting initiatives to check out.

Break Dengue is supporting me in finding these initiatives, and I am glad to be able to share all my findings from the ground with you… hoping that this can be a good contribution for this global coalition against dengue. Follow this journey at: http://www.breakdengue.org/break-dengue-travel-blogger/

Besides, I love traveling! And that was one of the reasons I decided to embark on this adventure. I am coming from South America and I have always been curious to visit Southeast Asia. This will be my first experience in Asia, and as such, I am planning to make the most of every single experience with local people and understand their way of thinking, acting, and seeing the world. I hope that you can come on the journey with me through my blog on Break Dengue.

Thank you in advance for reading! All your comments and suggestions during this exploration will be very important for me throughout the adventure. 🙂


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