Telling the story! – releasing the AIESEC Annual Report 08/09

This week, the AIESEC International Annual Report 2008/2009 was released which officially closes my and my colleague Lucy Symons‘ role in ‘telling the story’ strategy from the global office of AIESEC.

It was a busy successful year for our team, we we’re especially proud to see an alumnus receive the Nobel Prize, to have launched our refreshed global website and to have grown 45% with over 6787 internships placed across the world since June. What a journey!

So much of our strategy, tactics and choices tie back to the conversations and resources many people supported us with- thank you immensely for being so available and supportive across the year.
I want to thank also to the editorial team of the AIESEC online dialogues, responsible to get all the stories we reflected in the annual report. To the beautiful group of designers of the InStyle Agency in Uruguay that transformed our ideas into a reality, to our photographer Hannah Anthonysz and to our global partners, alumni and members contributed in this edition.


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