Hi there!

Alejandra Laiton Galán | Professional in Communication with specialization in Journalism and master’s degree in Cultures and Development Studies from the KU Leuven University in Belgium. Alejandra has 10 years of professional experience in 4 countries (Colombia, Brazil, The Netherlands and Belgium) and excellent track record in the communication field, including the creation and implementation of […]

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On the road again! – Now as a “travel blogger” at BreakDengue.org

I have started a new travel adventure but this time with a mission: I am doing field exploration in 6 countries in Southeast Asia, looking for local actors (organizations, individuals, initiatives, or campaigns) that are using web 2.0 to promote their social causes. This analysis on “online activism and development” is part of my thesis […]

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Changing the world with a click? Online activism & social marketing

-Originally published on http://www.zn.be– The Internet is a playground for thousands of campaigns across the world. There are campaigns on nearly every possible issue imaginable – from the environment to human rights, corruption to climate change – and the advocates within these communities do everything from raising awareness, signing online petitions, and fund raising. In […]

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