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Documentary Filmmaking workshop – shooting crew

documental filmmaking

documental filmmaking summer workshop

in Berlin


Social media and e-campaigning presentation in Berlin

I went to Berlin, Germany for the first time in my life and was awesome!

I was responsible for the international media and social media coverage of the World Congress of Inclusion International. Over 2.700 persons with disabilities, supporters, professionals and family members were gathered in Berlin to share knowledge and experiences on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

In addition, I was speaker in one of the panels talking about social media and e-campaigning. I basically presented our experience at Inclusion Europe in using new information technologies such as social media tools and channels to reach more of our audiences. We are aware that our audiences might have any physical disability or they are looking for information on these issues, also maybe they pursuit for visibility of their projects and organisations or simply they need to connect to each other.  The presentation went well and I felt so happy to be able to share my experience on this topic. :)
I also took some photos!.. you can check them out in the Capturing Beauty set of my Flickr page!

See you!



Dear all,

Here are 3 important profesional updates that I want to share with you.

1.  I have been selected as the new Communications Officer at Inclusion Europe.

This is the European Association of societies of persons with intellectual disability and their families; the Secretariat is based in Brussels, Belgium. I am in charge of the implementation of the overall Communications strategy of the organization, including Information management matters. I will be responsible for implementing Web 2.0 strategies and supporting the delivery, promotion and disemination of the projects across Europe; it includes press releases, multilingual publications, websites and setting up intranets for project management.  All of this under a social cause: Inclusion and Human Rights!

2. I am studying!… in Colombia!… yes, online. :-)

I was invited by the Ministery of Communications of Colombia to participate in the online course: E-Citizen. This is a new program of the government of my country to teach the citizens how to use the Information and Communication Technologies. The course also includes an International certification on management of the Information and Communication Tecnologies given by the ICDL Organization (International Computer Driving License). I am refreshing the elemental concepts from What is a computer until secured practices to manage information on the Web. I am super happy to be able to connect with other colombians remotely and to be among the first persons receiving this certification in my country :-)

3. I have been nominated to be part of the e-mail expert group of Information and Communication Technologies of the European Disability Forum.

Thanks to my experience and my professional background, my organization has decided to nominate me for this important group of people in Europe. The EDF is an independent European non-governmental organisation (ENGO) that represents the interests of 65 million disabled people in the European Union and stands for their rights. And the group of experts will be requested to give inputs on on-going issues within EDF work programme, or unexpected issues that might need immediate input from the experts. I feel so honored with this nomination and I hope to be able to contribute in a larger scale. ;-)

On the personal side, I am really looking forward to my holidays in Colombia (after 2 years!) and couple of travels in Europe that are just around the corner as well.. I will let you know though.

Hugs and thanks for reading,



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